Cooperative Agricultural Biotech Industries is working with potential strategic partners to provide high quality Charcoal (Charbon), Biofuel pellets and logs, Hemp Oil, Hemp Protein, and Natural Fibers to the World. These potential partners are: Local farmers, Cafe Rebo, Sherwin Williams Paints, Sae-A USA, and Pellet Zone, Ltd.

The facility will be located in 1 hour northeast of Port Au Prince, Haiti and about an hour from the border of the Dominican Republic. C.A.B.I. has access to more than 2000 Ac locally and over 10,000 Ac. country-wide, of fertile, tillable farm land through it's cooperative farming initiative.

The initial processing facility will serve as a pilot, to assemble and perfect the technology and provide proof of concept. At the same time will become sustainable and show incredible probability. C.A.B.I will obtain letters of intent to sell manufactured charcoal, seed oil, and seed protein to local and international distributors. Future production of both raw, hurd, and bast fibers will follow. The raw fiber and processing waste will be used for the manufacture of fuel briquettes, charcoal (charbon), and biopfuel pellets. The manufacture and sale of Chabon (charcoal) will greatly decrease the rate of deforestation produced by cutting down the trees of Haiti's once lush forests and fruit (mango) trees, which are current being used to make Charbon. The hurds will be used for use in animal bedding, non-woven erosion matting and/or horticulture mulch. CABI will also be manufacturing an insulation similar to fiberglass insulation for export. There is major market for the use of fibers in biocomposites used in consumer products, in the automobile, and aerospace industries. Currently these companies require several millions of tonnes of fiber yearly for thier product production. The pilot plant will produce 1.4 million tonnes of fibre annually when at maximum capacity this should be realized in the third year of production.

Activities we are currently involved in include:

Plant Breeding Program
Business Plan (Completed)
Seeking Investment funds-Ongoing Agricultural Operational Plan (Completed)
Charcoal, Seed oil, and Seed Protein Operational Plan (Completed)
Fibre Processing Facility Operational Plan for Textiles-Future
Market Testing-Ongoing


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