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Industrial Hemp Solutions:

-Planting, Growing, Harvesting, Processing : Charcoal, Oil, Protein, Fiber, Fuel, Building Materials

-Empowering the Haitian People -Self Sufficient Farmer Opportunities

-Manufacturer Supplying Haiti and the World

-Premium Quality Processed and Raw Industrial Hemp Materials and Exportable goods

We exceed our customer's expectations by partnering with them to attain their goals, while providing top quality services on time and within budget.









 *This photo has been taken by Rémi Kaupp

CABI’s mission is to facilitate the growing and harvesting of industrial hemp in the farmlands of Haiti and create an economically sustainable Haitian hemp industry, benefiting all stakeholders along the value chain and enhancing the nation’s health and natural environment. Empowering the Haitian people to become further self-sustaining farmers, manufactures, business people, and retailers of exportable goods.






To supply a Cooperative of Farmers in poverty stricken countries in the equatorial and other areas an opportunity to produce, a twice or thrice-yearly cash crop, employment at the processing facilities, and uplift communities. Products produced will not only be for in-country use, but as a major export product to the Americas, Europe, and Africa.


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